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Welcome to Direct Home Textiles

connecting style with value

DHTG has the quality products you need at the prices you want. That is what has made us a leading Textile Wholesaler nationwide. 
Why Us?

DHTG was founded by John Azzolino, a true expert in textile manufacturing.  He spent 18 years at Mohawk opening up their import division and buying every machine they used.  Factories still call him for his opinion on machinery.  Prior to this he spent 20 years in retail: buying, store line and management.
His extensive knowledge of yarn development, all phases of manufacturing, quality control assurance, efficient movement of product and freight, and extensive hands-on warehouse experience are all evident in Direct Home.
We truly believe the best value always wins in the consumer's mind.  Every item we review and create we consider where its stands in the market and where it will sell best at retail.

We are industry leaders in Home textiles offering innovation and an extensive assortment.  We develop  vast product lines suited precisely to our customers needs. Our long-standing relationships overseas has afforded us to receive the best value.  We have a stellar reputation and will put our name up against anyone in the industry. We really are the sourcing office for many retailers. 

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